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Deep Plates

Marine Blue
Marshmallow White
Brandy Red

Our Lineage

Family. Something that we were born into, something that we restlessly seek in accordance to our identity, something that we build for ourselves. Family is also Lineage’s driving force: we want to share with you the feeling of togetherness, told in the simplest language possible – the language of dining together.

Who We Are

Lineage Ceramics Wholesale

We design and handcraft our ceramic tableware so that we can welcome everyone into our spaces for exceptional culinary experiences. Whether it’s hotels, restaurants, café, or at home, there’s something special that happens when great food is plated on our quality, handmade ceramics.

Wholesale Inquiries

We're Here To Help You Choose

Unsure of which colour or style will match your home the best? At Lineage, we understand that it can be tough to pick products that go well with your home's interior. That's why we offer the Lineage Interior Design Service! Our team of experienced designers will help you choose the perfect colours, styles and sets for your home. With our assistance, you'll be able to create a space that is both stylish and functional. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you transform your house into a home!

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Lineage At Home - One Year of Coffee

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A Lineage Guide to the First Day of Autumn

Here at Lineage, we always choose to celebrate the little moments in life. We look for opportunities to make sure our loved ones feel appreciated. We love to care for our family, friends and community each a...

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5 Linguine Recipes to Enjoy This Fall

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What some of our loyals say about Lineage!

Catrina M.

Truly Beautiful!

"The quality and beauty of these bowls cannot be understated. Not only are they perfect for food photography, they are sturdy and the ideal depth for plating morning oatmeal, hearty pasta dishes, tofu bowls, salads and so much more. We absolutely love these bowls and have recommended them to all of our friends and family who are interested in having quality, handmade ceramics."

Kendall G.

Food just hits different when you’re eating off of dinnerware that you actually enjoy.

"It helps me remember to slow down, take a breath and step back from whatever happened during the day. Then go right back into devouring my meals, obvs."


Not being able to dine in at restaurants for most of the year has been a major bummer.

"Combine my Lineage plates with takeout from my favourite local spots? The best way to fill the void."


He was like 'the packaging was so pretty!'

"I was planning to do an unboxing video for the beautiful ceramics, but by the time I got home my boyfriend had already opened it."

Devi H.


"Before bringing home these ceramics, I spent 10 years using the same hand me down dishes that my family gave me when I moved out."