4.75” Dessert Bowl

SKU: BOLS001-914967-R


There are two things our designer likes: miso soup and ice cream. That's literally why we made this 4.75'' bowl. If you like desserts, this bowl gives you both the joy and the discipline you need.

This brandy red colour is made with a matte-finish. A colour of deep palatte, it pairs the best with cuisines such as your Persian dill rice, Nigerian efo riro with pounded yam, Ethiopian beyainatu, and - of course, salad!

All our ceramics are stoneware, safe, durable, and non-toxic, made by our family-run ceramics studios in Teoswa, China.

Care instructions: Microwave and dishwasher safe, oven safe (be careful of the heat) under 400°F. Every piece is unique, and each enjoys occasional handwashing to keep them shine and healthy - like how we take care of our own body.