11.5” Party Plate

SKU: PLAR004-012739-G


Nothing but the classic – our most popular plate with a minimalistic rim that accentuates any food you place on it.

This aqua grey colour, inspired by Japanese aesthetics, has a grey tone with a touch of sea green. Lightly speckled and matte-finished, the glaze is a truly minimalistic statement.

This 11.5'' party plate is your go-to for a get-together dinner, perfect as an entreé plate as well as a for-share platter.

All our ceramics are stoneware, safe, durable, and non-toxic, made by our family-run ceramics studios in Teoswa, China.

Care instructions: Microwave and dishwasher safe, oven safe (be careful of the heat) under 400°F. Every piece is unique, and each enjoys occasional handwashing to keep them shine and healthy – like how we take care of our own body.