Our Roots

Lineage was born from a Vancouver transplant's homesickness.

Shuobi Wu, away from his big family of more than 30 in Teochew since the age of 12, sees a way to bring his roots to Canada, the place where he now resides in and loves deeply. Support, devotion and humbleness are the building blocks of Lineage – the concept of families, old and new.

Teochew, where Shuobi is from, has over 100 years of history in making ceramic tableware. Amongst, our family has been involved in the business since the early 20thcentury, dated all the way back to the cousin of Shuobi’s great grandparents, who at the time was also an immigrant in Hong Kong. Having made a successful business, our family raised generations of ceramic makers and businessmen in both Teochew and Hong Kong. Today, Lineage treasures the legacy we endure, and strives to make durable, timeless, high quality ceramic tableware, all made with heart and consciousness. We take pride in our family production, and we want our plates and bowls to bring people together, to dine, to chat, to reminisce. Just like how we were told to help set up the dinner table as a kid.


How It Started

Our great grand uncle Chen immigrated to Hong Kong, first worked as a longshoreman at the port and opened the family’s first ever ceramics shop after a decade of savings in Hong Kong, importing ceramics from his families and friends in Teochew.


Overcoming obstacles.

After WWII, grandpa Ki-Kwang Wu started working as a ceramics worker in Teochew as part of the Public-Private Partnership program for economy recovery. However, the new policy caused the family to lose tie with its Hong Kong families, while the ceramics making practice continued.


Expansion, growth, and hope.

Father Pei-Ho Wu started his own ceramics studio in Teochew under grandpa Wu’s support, exporting ceramic tableware to our Hong Kong families and to US & UK.


Timeline episode

Shuobi Wu launched his own ceramic tableware business in Vancouver, Canada, with supports from his father’s studio. The family is still continuing on its adventure!