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We design and handcraft our ceramic tableware so that we can welcome everyone into our spaces for exceptional culinary experiences. Whether it’s hotels, restaurants, café, or at home, there’s something special that happens when great food is plated on our quality, handmade ceramics.

We’ve designed our pieces with you in mind–ensuring every piece is high quality, durable, and timeless. With three generations of craftsmanship, signature design, and subtle-yet-memorable detailing, Lineage is proud and honoured to serve the hospitality community. Take a look at our product offerings in the catalog. We will have our current season’s handcrafted plates, bowls, cups and their glaze selections ready for you to check out before reaching out to us for your custom order.

We would love nothing more than to hear about the ideal restaurant, hotel, or café in your vision, and assist you in curating the perfect tableware experience.

How It Works?

  • First create an account. Then contact us on  hospitality@lineageceramics.com  so we can set out an automated discount for you.
  • Once your discount is linked to your account you can enjoy shopping for your business. 
  • More information about the discount rates and much more will be in the conformation email you will receive from us.

We are excited to do business with you!

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