Five Must Try Vancouver Coffee Shops & Roasters

Five Must Try Vancouver Coffee Shops & Roasters

Waking up early to a chilly morning fresh with frost is a lot easier with the knowledge that you'll soon have a warm cup of coffee in between your hands. Here at Lineage, we love the chance to cozy up at a coffee shop sampling our favourite espressos, cappuccinos and everything in between. We’re featuring five of our beloved coffee shops and roasters in Vancouver to try this fall. As an extra perk, all our picks offer their signature beans to go — so you can take your favourite roast home to enjoy a fresh brew in your Big Mug or in our newest collection, announced below. 

So here’s to finding your new spot to dive into that new paperback you picked up, or meet up with that long-lost friend you haven’t seen in a while. 

Prototype Coffee 


The serene atmosphere of Prototype Coffee gives you the perfect excuse to sit down and enjoy your brew. With dark wood and walls of living moss throughout, you’ll instantly feel relaxed and at home. While the decor certainly is unique, the showstopper of Prototype is their selection of beans — over 14 at any given time. They roast on the spot and their pour-over is delicious, but you won’t be able to leave without trying their smooth espresso. 

It already sounds too good to be true, what else could make this the perfect place? Two words: Waffle and donut. These delicious treats are glazed with seasonal flavours so you’ll have a new favourite every time you visit!


(📸: @timbertrain)

Much like Lineage, Timbertrain is founded on the basis that people gather and share experiences over meals, or in their case, cups of coffee. Not only do we love their principles, we’re massive fans of their caffeinated brews. Timbertrain’s offerings rotate with the seasons and are house-roasted to perfection. While you visit their train-themed location in Gastown, we recommend trying their Nitro Cold Brew (on tap!) — it’s out of this world! 


(📸: @revolvercoffee)

Revolver just celebrated their 10th birthday and is a staple in the heart of Gastown. No matter your favourite flavour profile, they will be able to find a brew to suit your taste. Everyone knows Revolver for its great espresso and pour-overs, but next time you visit take a step outside of the box and try their canned ‘House of Funk Sparkling Cold Brew.’ It seems that no matter what they do, they can’t miss.  

Nemesis Coffee 


Although their name suggests it, Nemesis Coffee is anything but our enemy. Spanning over three unique locations in Vancouver, Nemesis is brilliant at finding the extraordinary and brewing it lovingly and expertly into an espresso, americano, or anything that suits your taste buds. We love their coffee and we especially love their baked goods - cruffin anyone?

Pallet Coffee

(📸: @palletcoffee)

Pallet Coffee boasts six café locations around Vancouver, and we feel at home in each and every one of them. Their bright and airy atmosphere is the perfect place to settle with your laptop if you work remotely, or to catch up with friends between meetings. At their HQ and Roastery location you can watch their roasters in action while enjoying a cup of the good stuff.

Now that we have your brain all perked up and ready to head out to these caffeine hot-spots, head over and take a look at our new Coffee Collection. Featuring a gorgeous 8oz Cappuccino Mug and saucer set, and a perfectly petite 4oz Espresso Mug, this collection has all the essentials necessary to percolate your best brew. Available in our four signature glazes, this is one collection that is worth the buzz. Pre-sale for this striking collection is available now.

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