Lineage At Home - One Year of Coffee

Lineage At Home - One Year of Coffee

It has been one year since we launched our Coffee Collection! We are celebrating by showing off our fabulous team members and their go-to drinks to enjoy out of a Lineage Ceramics mug. We swear coffee just tastes better when sipping it out of your preferred mug.  Our coffee collection features 3 oz Espresso Cups and 8oz Coffee Cups (with saucers!). Available in various colourful glazes to brighten your mornings. We also have a Big Mug - 16oz - for those large mugs of tea needed to get you through the afternoon. 

Our coffee collection celebrates that feeling of taking your first sip of your favourite drink. That rush of positivity that helps you take on the day. We adore that feeling of gathering around with loved ones and enjoying a hot beverage. Whether it’s coffee, tea, or hot chocolate - we all appreciate the warmth that comes with a steaming cup. 


Lineage tumbler cup

The Coffee Collection holds a very special place in my heart, as I am a lover of all things caffeinated, like most of our team! Usually you’ll find me sipping black coffee but lately I’ve been enjoying the Nitro Cold Brew from our friends Nemesis - creamy and silky smooth!

Shuobi is drinking out of our Tumbler Cup in Marshmallow White.


Lineage Ceramics Big mug


A half pump of vanilla bean syrup

Two shots of freshly pressed and poured espresso

Stir in steamed milk and top it off with a swirl of pure maple syrup

I use my Big Mug for my newest favourite drink - a maple vanilla latte! It is my go-to treat for the cool fall mornings. I love the size of this mug, there is something so soothing about having it full to the brim with a hot latte. Taking the time to sit and enjoy a coffee helps me feel ready and capable of taking on another chaotic day. 

Delaney is drinking out of our Big Mug in Brandy Red.


I’d be lying if I didn’t start out by saying, entrepreneur life is fuelled with a myriad of coffee! I’ve always been very inspired by Italian coffee culture and appreciated the time and attention put into an espresso shot. That fast on-the-go pace of that leaves room for an intentional pause to pop into a cafe to get that quick coffee hit at the counter — similar to the well-known scene from Eat, Pray, Love — leaves no time to linger, but just enough to savour the bold woody aromas of an espresso. It’s become a morning ritual that often happens more than once a day, to go down into our kitchen and brew a quick espresso to refill my Lineage espresso mug. Typically I use our tin of Illy coffee that you can now get in Calgary, but we purchased this one when we were last in Europe. Other times I go for a local blend like Canadian Heritage Roasting Co. or a Starbucks blonde roast if it’s been a real day!  

Kristy is drinking out of our Espresso Cup in Blackberry


As a busy mom, I love to indulge in small moments of peace and self-care. This usually manifests in a cup of afternoon tea while working on the latest content calendar for Lineage. I love to steep decaffeinated loose tea in my tea pot so I can enjoy all afternoon out of my Marshmallow White Coffee Cup. If I’m feeling extra indulgent, I pair my tea with a stroopwafel placed over the steaming tea, which softens the caramel, making this the perfect snack.

P.S. The Coffee Cups are absolutely perfect for a mid-afternoon tea party with your littles!

Ali and her daughter are drinking out of our Coffee Cup in Marshmallow White



Starbucks Caramel Keurig pod

Bueno bar

1/4 cup of frothed oat milk

Give the coffee a good stir and fish out the wafer pieces from the Bueno. Add the frothed oat milk and enjoy!

I don't drink coffee too often but when I do, I always want to spice it up a bit by adding chocolate to it. Bueno is my go-to because it tastes just like my childhood!

Ioana is drinking out of our Big Mug in Aqua Grey

We know we won’t be the only ones who fall asleep tonight dreaming of tomorrow’s cup of coffee! We would love to see you using your piece of the coffee collection, make sure to tag us on social in your morning coffee routine! Make sure to follow us on social and subscribe to our newsletter to never miss a Lineage moment. 

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