The Lineage Guide to Your Homemade Summer Cocktails

The Lineage Guide to Your Homemade Summer Cocktails

There is truly nothing better than sipping on a crisp libation after a long hot day!


The theme of Summer 2021 for us here at Lineage is connection. It’s a time to welcome the summer heat and reconnect with your loved ones while visiting with those we haven’t seen in a year — over refreshing homemade cocktails. 


We find the fun is in the experience of creating, experimenting, and discovering as you test out new flavours and shake up combinations to concoct your new favourite drink. 

We have curated a list of recipe ideas paired with a local craft spirit, to provide you with some inspiration, but we’d love to see your spin on each. Give them a try and tag us so we can see what you come up with and take a peek at your summer tablescape featuring the new ‘Lineage Summer Collection’ at the same time! 

We hope your summer is filled with laughter, love, good food and drinks. There is nothing better than a perfect summer evening paired with a delicious refreshment. Cheers!

White Wine Sangria

(📸: @inspiredbycharm)

If you are looking for a refreshing drink that will make you feel as though you’re sitting on a beach listening to the waves crash on the sand, look no further. There are an endless amount of options and recipes available for Sangria. It is the ultimate drink for a party and it always looks gorgeous in a pitcher or in several glasses on a tray ready to go. We love the combination of pineapple and basil in this ingenious recipe by Inspired By Charm. We recommend using the 2018 Reliance White by Vancouver Urban Winery to add some floral with hints of honeydew & cantaloupe to the mix. 

Whiskey Collins

(📸: @thesocialsipper)

Calling all whiskey connoisseurs! This creative recipe by The Social Sipper is filled with bright colours and flavours that will surely surprise and delight. We love the sweet mix of honey stirred in to contrast the whiskey. Try it with The Liberty Distillery’s Trust Whiskey Single Grain and enjoy how the bold chocolatey notes pair nicely with the refreshing fruity buzz that the rest of this cocktail has to offer — we guarantee it will be a new summer favourite. 

Vodka Lemonade 

(📸: @cafedelites)

Take classic spiked lemonade up several notches with this irresistible recipe by Cafe Delites. With freshly cut lemons and Texada Vodka by Long Table Distillery, this drink is anything but ordinary. Lemonade has to be the most refreshing drink and we have yet to find anyone who doesn’t like it. We love to keep it interesting and elevate the simple things in life, this drink does just that. 

Tropical Spiced Rum

(📸: @thecocktailprojects)

We can’t forget about Spiced Rum! The ideal drink that will make you feel like you are on an island, or maybe a boat. The Cocktail Project’s Tropical Spice Cocktail mixed with the Crow’s Nest Distillery’s Spiced Rum is our new go-to. This recipe is easy enough to throw together after a busy day at work or when friends drop by unexpectedly.

Gin Spritz

(📸: @pinchofparsley)

Looking for something light, bubbly and fresh? A delightful Gin Spritz might be just what you are searching for. Pinch of Parsley has one of the best recipes we have seen, and if you add in the Wallflower Gin by Odd Society Spirits we know you will be pleased. This would be perfect to serve at a bridal shower, backyard dinner, or any occasion that calls for celebration really! 

Fiery Iced Coffee


(📸: The Wanderlust Kitchen)

Last up on our list is the perfect way to end a dinner. Offer this with, or instead of dessert. Or if you are feeling feisty at brunch — add some spice into your coffee to wake up your senses. Mix in some Beach Fire Liqueur by Tofino Distillery to this Iced Coffee recipe by The Wanderlust Kitchen. This will definitely give you and your guests the pick-me-up you didn’t know you needed. 


Hopefully, you have found the inspiration you need to welcome summer and beat the heat with a thirst-quenching cocktail! 

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