The Lineage Ceramics Gift Guide

The Lineage Ceramics Gift Guide

As the holidays get closer, it’s our hope that we all find joy in the little things: a perfectly wrapped gift, a phone call from a friend far away, a delicious home-cooked meal, or a quiet night in with your loved ones. 

At lineage, we not only believe in the power of communicating through food, but the tiny nuances included in the preparation process that makes every meal (no matter how small) memorable. The space that surrounds us is trivial, but enhances our experiences and sparks memories that are rich in love and happiness. From the candles to the napkins to the tableware to the spices used in every dish, and of course the quality company. Every element comes together to create a sensory experience that encourages your guests to linger longer and will be vividly remembered for years to come.

We have put together this small gift guide filled with design-forward, locally-made homeware that tells a story and elevates your home, while encouraging us all to live a more sustainable and beautiful life. Remember, it’s not about the tangible gift, but the sentiment behind it. We hope your holidays are filled with quality conversation, treasured moments with the people you love, and of course amazing food. 

Marshmallow White Glaze Tableware Set By Lineage Ceramics 

Our marshmallow white glazed tableware comes in a set for 2, 4, or 6. This ceramic set is a thoughtful gift that is sure to provide a warm and welcoming frame for many meals throughout the years. Every piece is unique and durable, perfect for everyday meals, while also beautiful for hosting. 

Linen Cocktail Napkins by Flax Sleep X APT 

Linen Kitchen Towels

These classic cocktail napkins from Flax Sleep, created in collaboration with Jackie Kai Ellis, were inspired by the Parisian table and lifestyle. With an elegant minimal design, they are a modern way to add style to your table setting, while being a functional and necessary feature. Use as a regular napkin, coaster, emergency baby bib - you name it. 

Beeswax Candlestick Grove by Barter Design 

Barter Designer Candles

Made by hand along the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, these beeswax candles by Barter Design are beyond extravagant. Standing up to 19 inches high and inspired by the natural world of honey bees and black bears, these flamed beauties would make a simple yet breathtaking centerpiece accompanied by any Lineage tableware. 

Clay Vase by Kathleen Tennock

Clay Vase Ceramics

Each vase created by Kathleen Tennock is a functional work of art and boasts a stone-line quality in its design from the Naked Raku process she uses in her practice. Each vase from her collection is one of a kind and embodies a natural warmth of culture and beauty. As a gift, they would ignite conversation and add a significant element of style to even the most established homes and be a coveted possession for years to come. 

Linen Bowl Covers by Lekko Life Goods 

Bowl Cover

Sold in sets of 3, these bowl covers by Lekko Life Goods are functional, sustainable, and essential! Who doesn’t need a cover for leftovers? This is the ideal gift to bring to a gathering and will encourage your guests to partake in a stylish, zero-waste lifestyle. Each cover is sewn-to-order, you can’t get more personalized than that.  

Bergamot & Lime Hand Soap by The Bare Home 

Hand Soap

The beautifully designed hand soap comes in a refillable glass vessel which provides an additional purpose once the bottle is done. Designed to look chic in any bathroom, the soap itself is biodegradable and scented with organic essential oils which leaves your hands feeling clean, soft and refreshed. 

Essential Loose Leaf Tea from Living Apothecary Tea Co. 

Organic Loose Leaf Tea

Formulated by naturopathic doctors, these organic loose leaf teas are meant to make you feel your best from the inside out. A mindful gift for someone who is devoted to owning their self-care wellness ritual, these teas are meant to give one permission to slow down, breathe, and relax. Their new design-forward amber jars make these teas good for you and our beautiful earth.  

East Asian Spice Set by The Silk Road Merchant

Spice Set

Bringing us back to our East Asian Roots! Try the Star Anise or the Chinese five-spice powder, two versatile Chinese spices, or bundle them into a spice set for the ultimate gift to the cook in your life. Connect to your roots, wherever they may be, or discover a new recipe with your loved ones this season. There’s no better gift than the gift of flavour and good food - in our humble opinions anyways! 

Hand-Woven Fique Placemat by Fique + Clay 

Fique Placement Plating

Made in British Columbia with 100% fique, a naturally sustainable, biodegradable fiber, these placemats are the perfect textured backdrop for any delicious meal. Available in several vibrant colours such as blanco, stone, guava, passion fruit, azul, marino and more, these placemats are meant to connect the earth to your table. Mix-and-match or get a matching set - the choice is yours!  

Wooden Carving Board by Stinson Studios 

Cooking Carving Board

These 100% solid Canadian Maple hardwood carving boards are handmade by a two-generation family run company who have mastered the ability to capture natural beauty that’s authentically Canadian in their products. Each board makes a functional and stylish gift that will be an eye-catching staple in the heart of any kitchen.

Luxury Cutlery Set by Cutipol 

Kitchen Cutlery

Self-proclaimed “everyday tools turned into statement pieces” these unique cutlery sets by Cutipol are the perfect compliment to rest beside your Lineage tableware. Made in Portugal for over 50-years as a family-run business, Cutipol has mastered the trade of creating tableware details that can be passed on for generations. A gift that will continue to grow with your family for years to come!  

Professional Knife Set from Paderno

Chef's Knife Set

Designed and manufactured in Prince Edward Island, Paderno has been creating high-quality kitchenware for cooking for over 40 years. This is not your average knife set, as they’re built with both chefs and beginners in mind. This gift might be a present to yourself or a friend interested in fuelling their passion for cooking good food. 


From our family at Lineage, hope your holidays are bursting with stories, love, and family gatherings. Elevate your simple moments to be memorable and spread the joy by reaching out to others. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more about us, our products, and be the first to know when we launch a new design! 


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