A Lineage Guide to Your Winter Farmers Market Haul

A Lineage Guide to Your Winter Farmers Market Haul

One of the things we prioritize at Lineage is actively keeping your diet fresh, especially over the cold and quiet winter months. Take out and pre-cooked meals can sometimes be an easy go-to, but it’s a notorious fact that we feel and live better when we actively prepare a meal using quality ingredients. However, after cooking at home more than - most likely - any other year of adulthood, it’s no surprise that we’re all in need of a little inspiration and passion to be brought back into our kitchens. 

To do this we encourage you to start with local raw ingredients to intentionally build meals that will sustain you, while going back to basics with wholesome classic recipes. Typically these require fresh goods that when combined correctly, complement and enhance each individual flavouring and aroma. This should help slow things down as you enjoy a newfound pleasure in simple everyday moments. 

Here is our curated list of delicious, often overlooked vegetables that we think would make an excellent addition to your menu this winter and can be found at local markets, grocery stores or perhaps in your own gardens. If you are local to the Vancouver area, make sure you experience the farmer’s markets at Riley Park and Hastings Park.  

We’ve also suggested a recipe that we love to accompany each item -  feel free to give them a try or experiment and innovate your own. Enjoy! 


(📸: @kalejunkie)

This super-powered leafy green is jam-packed with nutrients. Although best known for delectable salads, you can also use kale in stir-fries, smoothies, muffins, and more. It really is incredibly versatile! Try it first in a salad, and then branch out to bring it into other areas of your diet. This impressive salad by Nicole at Kale Junkie is the perfect way to try Kale in its best format.


Never underestimate these antioxidant-rich vegetables. Brussels sprouts can have a negative reputation, but when prepared with expertise, they can be the highlight of the meal. This unique recipe from Sprouted Kitchen combines brussels sprouts with kale for an exquisite and quick meal with soba noodles.


Add a burst of vibrancy to your chilled palette with beets - their gorgeous colour will literally brighten up every meal. Along with being a beautiful and delicious vegetable to cook with, beets have amazing health benefits including improving blood flow and lowering blood pressure. They are easily paired with creative flavours, such as mint and lemon found in these genius Beet and Halloumi Skewers, or stick to simply boiling and buttering them. These are one ingredient  that should be included in all of our diets all year round. 


Versatile and long-lasting, parsnips can add nutrients to an abundance of different dishes. Stock up on parsnips during your next trip to the store or your local farmers market, they will last for a long time and be there for you when you need some inspiration. Nothing is more appealing on a cold winter day than a warm bowl of nourishing soup. This Apple and Parsnip Soup is simply pureed goodness. 


(📸: @playswellwithbutter)

Squash is the ideal alternative to carb-heavy meals and it’s a vitamin and mineral power-package, filled with vitamins A, B6, and C, folate, magnesium, fiber, potassium, and more. Try this magnificent Butternut Squash Red Curry by Plays Well With Butter, it’s a vegetarian's dream come true and It also happens to look amazing framed in one of our Marshmallow White Serving Bowls

At Lineage, we are grateful for the simple ingredients and simple moments that enhance our lives. Subscribe to our newsletter for more delicious inspiration and creative ideas to warm up your winter!

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