Lineage Design Guide: Designing Your Workplace With Intention

Lineage Design Guide: Designing Your Workplace With Intention

Not too long ago, we used to have a routine. A routine of making breakfast, commuting, and arriving at our offices to start our days. Now, for most of us, those routines look a little different.

Instead of heading to the office, we head across the hall, or maybe downstairs to the basement, or simply to the corner of our living room converted office space to begin our workday. Now we concern ourselves with dressing from the waist up, virtual conference calls, and regular breaks in the day to grab a snack or take a walk around the neighborhood - at least we have no excuses for tardiness!

With all this time spent working from home,  it’s never been more important to create a space that inspires great ideas and encourages productivity. So how is it done? 

At Lineage we believe in morphing the ordinary into extraordinary with simple, mindful touches that elevate your home and make every day feel fresh and exciting. You now get to decide on your own music, your own uniform, and  your own snacks, with absolutely no one to judge you. We encourage you to lighten your mood by adding unique elements to your workspace that not only make you happy, but speak to your personal wants, needs, and style. 

While remaining productive and efficient, we hope these suggested elements and creative pieces help you establish a beautiful, functional and inspiring environment for you to flourish in your work, enjoy your days at home, and look after yourself while you’re at it. It’s time to create the office you’ve always dreamt of! 

Elevate your routine  

(📸: @flourist)



It’s our mandate here at Lineage to not begin the day until we’ve enjoyed a fresh, steaming cup of coffee. We’re huge proponents of the variety of roasts that Nemesis Coffee has to offer, poured into a beautiful mug from Hands on Clay Collective

On the subject of indulgence, track down an amazing neighbourhood bakery, such as Flourist, perfect for a mindful mid-day treat or lunch framed on a Lineage dessert bowl or side plate of course. Add a linen cocktail napkin from Flax Sleep to elevate your meal and snack time, while being kind to the environment. 

At the beginning of your week, we recommend shopping small for groceries to keep things fresh and support local farmers markets and family-run grocery stores.  Meal prep is always key! 

Enhance your atmosphere 

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(📸: @fernandpetal)


It’s a no-brainer that your space influences your mood, your productivity, and overall well-being. One of the perks of working from home is how personal you can make it. 

The highlight and the focus of any home office is naturally the desk you choose to work on! Set the focal point of the room and establish good working intentions by choosing a gorgeous desk from West Elm and upgrade your office immediately! 

Fill your room with family photos, souvenirs from trips, and mementos that make you feel connected to the special memories, moments, and humans that mean the most. Making sure to keep the space minimal and uncluttered, display these items on a beautiful new shelf from  The Woodworkers Daughter. Another way to decorate your office - especially if it’s filled with natural light -  is to bring the outside in by adding some greenery or fresh blooms from Bear’s Blooms. We hear they offer a subscription option so you have to have flowers delivered straight to your home on the regular!  

One of the best ways to promote a calm,  low-stress work environment is to purchase  a diffuser (or 2!) for your home - if you don’t own one already. Choose happy, uplifting essential oils from Fern and Petal that impact your mood, promote productivity, and help you turn off your brain and get a good night's sleep at the end of the day. 

Lastly, the key to any successful office is having an up-to-date daily or weekly planner. Personally, we love these brightly coloured planners from Stevie and Bean. They are laid out strategically to help you organize your days, while adding a touch of whimsy to your desk and overall office space! 

Invest in yourself  


Your body and mind are critical in maintaining a productive work week and overall happy and healthy quality of life. Starting and ending your day with a slow moment and loose structure is the best way to decrease stress and dive into the day with intention and clarity. 

Start your day by laying out your tasks in an actionable list. We recommend putting pen to paper for this one as it allows you to set your focus and intentionally plan out your day - plus those check marks by the end of the day are incredibly satisfying! These minimally designed to-do lists from Wrinkle and Crease will make creating your lists even more fun and start every day on the right track. 

Throughout the day it’s important to mindfully ensure to stay active by taking frequent walks or signing up for an online membership to your favorite local workout studio! Whatever you do is not important, but giving yourself a mental and physical  break is. You can also fill this time by reading a few pages from a new book or just rest on the couch. This active time away from your desk will ensure you’re at the top of your game and maintaining a consistent level of productivity throughout the workday. 

When you’re finished working, make sure you actively shutdown your computer and leave your workspace - it’s equally important to check out at the end of your workday. We start our day with coffee and end the day with a warm cup of tea from The Westholme Tea Company accompanied by a mindfulness meditation by This is the best way to wind down and clear your mind, while reaping the many restorative and nutritional benefits that tea has to offer. 

 Then it's time for you. Spend time with the family, enjoy some comfort food and seal the day off with a  delectable cocktail


Within this piece, we hope we’ve given you some encouragement to find the little joys of working from home and creating your dream office. Surround yourself in a positive environment, indulge in what makes you happy and be sure to step away at the end of the day. Mindfulness is key and remember, looking after yourself is equally as important to enhance as the physical space you’re working out of! 

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