6 Romantic Ways to Enjoy a Thoughtful Valentines Evening At Home

6 Romantic Ways to Enjoy a Thoughtful Valentines Evening At Home

The recipe for this Valentine’s Day is simple, stay home and stay safe, while not sacrificing the magic of a romantic night out. Set the mood with intention, be mindful of delicate enhancements, and embrace the coziness of your home as you recreate an exquisite evening over a delicious, curated meal. Arguably, this shouldn’t be the only time you devote to deepening your connection with your partner, but it’s an excellent excuse to spend some extra quality time together. 

At Lineage we believe in the power of memory and our ability to design an unforgettable moment part of a greater story passed down for generations. Whether this meal is your first anniversary or your 50th, there is absolutely no reason why it should not be the most momentous. 

We’ll make any excuse to combine design with good food, so we’ve outlined a few of our favourite ways to elevate your space and create a spark-filled evening - on the 14th or any spontaneous day of the year!   

The Florals:

(📸: @the_wildbunch)

An essential! We love how beautiful and personal flowers can be. Lighten the mood with an arrangement from The Wild Bunch Flower Shop, fresh or dried, to make your table remarkable and set the feeling with intention. There’s nothing like an eccentric bouquet to make the room feel welcoming and warm, spark conversation, and inspire the evening. 

The Drinks:

A magical-filled evening always begins with an aperitif. Indulge in a high-class glass of vino or shake up a libation to your exact liking. Vista D’oro Farm & Winery, in Langley BC, has a sensational selection of wines, any of which would be an ideal start to your evening. If cocktails are more your style, then why not follow one of these creative recipes from Sheringham Distillery. We’ve got our eyes set on the Shirley Mule - it sounds glorious. 

The Music:

A mixed tape or playlist is a long-lived tradition that not only sets the tone, but gives the memory soundtrack to look back upon. Curate a personalized playlist filled with songs that hold a special meaning between you and your partner, or discover new favourites on a playlist on Soundcloud. Music has the power to take you back to your fondest moments, reinforce your feelings, and encourage vivid memories of this special night. 

The Candles:

(📸: @malathebrand)

Remember that arousing your five senses is essential when creating feeling within a space. Lighting a candle (or two) not only sparks romance, but sets the lighting perfectly, gives off a fragrant aroma, and slows the evening down. Mala the Brand, a candle shop from Vancouver offers eco-friendly design-forward candles that smell incredible and make any room swoon-worthy! Even better, turn on a crackling fireplace to create that secluded and entirely romantic backdrop to your evening. 

The Meal:

Also known as the main event! Save yourself the time and mess by ordering a delectable Valentine's Day Dinner from a nearby restaurant ahead of time. As with most holidays this year, local restaurants are offering either pre-packaged ingredients for you to assemble in your kitchen or complete meals delivered ready to be devoured. Either way, you’re supporting a local business, while having the ability to completely relax, and enjoy their amazing culinary creations. 

The Sweetspot:

(📸: @nemesis.coffee)

Complete the evening with a sweet treat. Surprise your partner with a handmade dessert, or if baking isn’t your forte an infamous cruffin from Nemesis Coffee is guaranteed to hit the spot. Assuming you’ve gifted them a set of Lineage Blackberry dessert bowls, present this delicacy in one of their bowls and you’ll surely win 10/10 points for both taste and presentation. This combination of something sweet and something special will end your night perfectly, as if tying the evening together with a bow. 

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