The Art of Setting Your Holiday Table with Purpose

The Art of Setting Your Holiday Table with Purpose

Setting the table is an art form, a ritual that can be passed down through generations. 

At Lineage, we believe in the joy of food and that a memorable meal can bring together a community. We remember what it meant to be included in this process as a child, the feeling of unity. Welcoming your guests with a thoroughly through-out table will enhance the atmosphere of the entire space with gratitude and love that is witnessed in the process of planning and creating the entire feast from start to finish. 

From spoons to place cards - this is the backdrop to your meal so establish it with intention to create whatever message you wish. Starting from the bottom up, position every piece with care, and make it glow as bright as the people you have brought together. 

Some thoughtful elements to include on your table:

  • A Tablecloth Or Table Runner 
  • Begin the process of creating your tablescape by keeping in mind the holiday and your guests. A simple base is the background of your scene. Avoid busy patterns or designs so that it doesn’t overshadow all the other elements on the table. Festive green, red, or silver can set the mood of the room. 

  • Multi-level Centrepiece
  • Celebrate the season by bringing greenery and light onto your table. Tall candles mixed with low garlands create a multi-level display that is visually striking. Use items such as handmade candles, ceramic vases, and fresh or dried blooms that draw your eye into a focal point with various colours, shapes, and textures and act as conversation pieces. 

  • Place Cards 
  • Typed out expertly, or handwritten by a child, place cards add a special personal touch that will make your feast an extraordinary and unforgettable event. This added element makes each individual at the table feel both special and loved, and also keeps things organized so one can orchestrate a seating plan that will encourage engaging conversations and discussions.

  • Cloth Napkins 
  • Taking the time to choose beautiful cloth napkins with a design that enhances the tablecloth will add a touch of style to the table. Practical and elegantly wrapped in a ribbon, reusable napkins are environmentally friendly, classy, and très chic! In fact, you can find many of the elegant kitchen goodies here at Flax Sleep x APT Cuisine Collection.

  • Holiday Crackers
  • Traditional and memorable, crackers bring joy and whimsy to your table. Wrapped in beautiful packaging they’ll look charming and tie your table together when placed beside each place setting, or in a bowl as a centerpiece. Typically these crackers are filled with treasures, tiny toys, or magic tricks, along with a quote or riddle and the oh-so-fashionable paper hats that everyone loves! This party treat is a great way to engage guests whether they’re on video or in person, aged 1 or 100.

  • Cutlery
  • Setting the cutlery on the table is a great job for the kids to get involved with. Educate them on the layers of cutlery for each basic, casual, and formal bouquet style settings, showing them where each fork, knife and spoon should be set. Create a moment when setting the table to think about each person and each dish that will be served. These practical yet polished pieces bring the table together. 

  • Lineage Brandy Red serving set
  • The frame of your unforgettable meal should be simple and allow the food to be the focus. Each of our tableware pieces are unique yet humble, allowing you to get creative with your plating for every course. Remember each dish is dishwasher safe which makes for a quick and easy cleanup so you have more time for conversation and connection. 

    (📸: @jackiekaiellis, Founder of APT La Fayette)

    Finally, after creating the ideal setting with the countless hours in the kitchen refining the meal, make sure to enjoy it! Breathe the moment in and appreciate the finer and the simple things in life. Subscribe to our newsletter for more inspiration and connection. 

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