A Lineage Guide to Autumn Tablescapes

A Lineage Guide to Autumn Tablescapes

We’ve had an incredible summer soaking up every inch of sun, relaxing on patios and sipping refreshing cocktails while engrossed in riveting conversations with our most treasured companions. Although summer is waning, we can’t help but feel a little excited for the return of chilled mornings, a cup of coffee warming our cold fingertips, and the soft fluttering of leaves in the wind as they find their way from branch to the ground.

A change in season is always a great time to transform the decor in your home to match the mood of shifting winds, falling leaves, and fresh frost as we welcome in autumn. Follow along as we lay out some new tableware trends to elevate your dining this fall.  


Shoppe JV Interiors

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Selecting special silverware for your table may not be high on your list, however we know that having specific flatware can tie a tabletop together. If you’re looking for a new set of silverware, may we suggest this gorgeous antiqued set found at Parliament Interiors. Or glitz into the fall colour palette with gold flatware from our friends at JV Shoppe Interiors.


Linen and tablescapes

Adorn your table in soft, rich linens to provide an exquisite foundation for your Fall tablescape. Incorporate complimentary colours to your tableware; if you like your plates and bowls to have a bold hue, select soft creams and grays for your linens. 

However, we love the pop of a deep red table runner that contrasts a bare wooden table for a farmhouse aesthetic — matching your farm to table fall recipes. We adore the Heirloom Collection from our friends at Flax Home as they are perfect for everyday use or that special Thanksgiving meal.  


Soft oranges, pastel lemon yellows, deep rich reds all intertwined with gorgeous greenery is the talk of centerpieces this autumn. Intertwine pinecones and white gourds to add a striking contrast and complete your tabletop!


Lineage Ceramics Blue Collection

The tableware for your autumn tablescape is certainly a big decision, as it provides the frame for your delicious culinary creations. You can add a moody aesthetic to the table by using darker dishes, such as our Blackberry serving sets. If your linens and centerpieces verge toward the neutral side, perhaps a pop of colour from our new Marine Blue glaze will be just the ticket to create an intoxicating visual for your culinary creations this fall. 


We hope this piece has inspired you to dream up your fanciest fall tablescape and make it come true. Remember that the tablescape is only as beautiful as the people you choose to surround it with, along with rich conversations.

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