A Lineage Guide to Your Best Brew at Home

A Lineage Guide to Your Best Brew at Home

Our core values revolve around gathering together in shared lived experiences to reminisce over good food and alluring drinks. There is no better way to do that than with a warm cup of coffee between your hands! We took our time designing and creating our Coffee Collection, knowing it needed to live up to our love of the good stuff.  

Our Coffee Cup & Saucer set along with our Espresso mugs are carefully crafted to be an accessory for meaningful conversations, or the ideal companion for an introspective solo morning contemplating the wonders of this world. Our love of a good brew encourages us to try the unconventional, add a twist, and get out of our comfort zone when selecting our next caffeinated beverage. 

We’ve collected a variety of unique and classic drinks that will provide some inspiration for delicious recipes you can make to test out your new wares from our Coffee Collection

Iced Espresso

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Beat the mid-day droll by constructing this decadent Iced Honey Shaken Espresso from Mad About Food. Combine a shaken freshly pulled espresso shot over ice and sweetener for a delicious take on your afternoon pick me up. Shaken Espresso is a great opportunity to get creative with your flavourings and spices to invent a new drink each afternoon.

Turmeric Latte


Turmeric has many health benefits, including aiding with digestion and reducing inflammation. It’s also been associated with reducing arthritis, preventing Alzheimer’s, relieving depression and improving immunity. Not only are the health benefits palpable, turmeric plays an important role in Indian culture, from Hindu religious rituals to being included in the majority of their cooking. The turmeric adds just the right amount of spice to this latte, while providing a scrumptious golden hue that pairs with any of our signature glazes. Whip up this gorgeously Golden Turmeric Milk Latte from Inspired Fork for a boost to your body and taste buds.

Vanilla Chai Latte 

On our list of favourite things to do when we wake up to a chill in the air is to curl up on the couch under a soft blanket with a good book and a piping hot latte. One of our preferred cozy drinks is a Chai Latte, which infuses savoury chai spices with black tea and warm milk. This Vanilla Chai Latte recipe from Koti Beth is a unique take on a classic. Add a stick of cinnamon and a fresh star of anise for next-level flavouring.

Dalgona Coffee 


Dalgona Coffee is a South Korean tradition that combines instant espresso with sugar, water and milk. The result is a decadently whipped iced libation that’s creamy, rich and perfect to show off your barista skills for your friends and family. Dalgona Coffee tastes marvellous with honeycomb toffee, a popular treat in South Korea.  We adore this recipe from the Novice Chef Blog and are already gathering our ingredients to whip up our own Dalgona Coffee.

Irish Coffee 

While many think that Irish Coffee just means any coffee with a spirit added to it, there is an art to creating a flavourful mug of this hot brew. The secret? Add some freshly whipped cream and brown sugar — this will truly create a mouth-watering coffee that is perfect for that post-dinner palate cleanser. We love this Irish Coffee recipe featured on Ireland Stole My Heart, which was told to the author by a Killarney bartender. 

Bookmark this page for the next time you have a craving for a caffeinated beverage and let us know how your concoctions turned out. Craft the perfect aesthetic by housing your new creations in our brand new Coffee Collection. For more recipes and inspiration to make your next culinary adventure incredible, sign up for our newsletter

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