A Lineage Guide to Brunch at Home

A Lineage Guide to Brunch at Home

There’s nothing like spending a quiet Sunday morning enjoying a delicious meal with those you treasure most. Brunch has become an increasingly popular time to catch up with friends, which often results in long lines and loud restaurants. If you’re coveting more intimate conversations and the opportunity to feel relaxed with your surroundings, why not plan a brunch in the comfort of your own home? 

Here at Lineage, spending time in the kitchen creating a meal for our loved ones feeds our soul. Today we’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to host a stress-free and cherished affair that will create memories for years to come.



Create a cozy environment by selecting linens and dinnerware to help you set your table with intention. Instead of a traditional tablecloth, use a table runner to add flair to your arrangement. We love the simplicity of this Steel Gray runner from Shoppe JV Interiors, with matching napkins.


Choose a centrepiece that sparks conversation by selecting a unique piece tailored to your taste. Pick out a piece that can be incorporated into your home aesthetic once your brunch is over. An incredible selection of note-worthy pieces are always available at our favourite home stores, Moe’s Home & Parliament Interiors. A simple bouquet from your local florist is another exquisite centrepiece option and provides a fresh organic touch.

Make it cozy

Sprinkle some cozy pillows and throws throughout the area to keep your guests comfortable and encourage long conversations about anything and everything. Keep the dress code casual, or for a unique twist, invite your guests to wear their favourite pyjamas to really hone in that intimate feel.


The tableware you select to serve your brunch on is often just as important as the meal itself. Choosing dishware that compliments the chef’s creations will allow your guests to savour and enjoy the moment as you dish up the fruits of your hard-earned labour. For the purpose of ceramics that allow the food to shine, we love our wares in Blackberry or Marshmallow White. The neutral glazes allow for the fare to pop on the plate. 

Our Deep Plates are an excellent choice for brunch tables all over as the charming curve lets your guests pile their picks onto the plate without any worries of spilling. 



Choosing a menu for your intimate gathering can be intimidating, so let your tastebuds decide. Incorporate some sweet & savoury options and pick what you like to cook, as that love and attention will come through when serving to your guests.


For a sweet option, we love a classic fluffy Belgian waffle drizzled in maple syrup and topped with fresh fruit. This delicious recipe from The Salty Marshmallow is simple and easy to make a large batch to accommodate big appetites. If you don’t love waffles, the options are endless for a sweet entrée: pancakes, cinnamon buns, or french toast come to mind. There are dozens of ways to incorporate your own zest and personality into the dishes.


For your savoury entrée, try your hand at frittatas. Love and Lemons has a great article describing how to perfect the fluffiest frittata, with 5 recipe variations.  Another alternative if you're looking to personalize the meal, even more, is to incorporate an omelette station where your guests can choose their own fixings. 

Sides for the meal can range from fresh fruit salad to crispy turkey bacon or a roasted vegetable medley.

No matter the menu, remember that cooking a meal to share with your guests should be enjoyable. Select an easy recipe to pair with a difficult one so you can relax and savour the dishes you have carefully crafted.



Now that you have scrupulously set and served your brunch masterpiece, it’s time to relish in the simplicity of conversation and good food with friends. Use table cards to handwrite topics to spark lively discussions and brew your favourite roast from a local coffee shop to pour into our Coffee Cups

Offer your guests their choice of libation to pair with their meal. Consider switching out the classic mimosa with this recipe for Apple Cinnamon Gin Fizz recipe from Love In My Oven. For a non-alcoholic option, shop at your local farmer’s market for some fresh fruit and blend up a batch of smoothies to enjoy.

A meal does not have to be fancy or elaborate in order to create exquisite memories that will last for years to come. If you plan your brunch with love and intention, that feeling will be evident throughout the entire feast. 


We hope that this guide has inspired you to create your own brunch at home that reflects the nostalgia and comfortability of your favourite restaurant. For more Lineage Guides and ideas on creating gatherings with intention, sign up for our newsletter today.

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