5 Hot Chocolate Recipes to Warm your Soul with Love

5 Hot Chocolate Recipes to Warm your Soul with Love

Let’s be honest — no bad memories were ever had when there’s a toasty warm cup of hot chocolate involved! Our youth is filled with flashbacks of the perfect snow day ending with a mug of cocoa, topped with marshmallows or whipped cream, all lovingly made by someone eager to hear the trials and triumphs of snowball fights and snow forts.

Of course, we know that hot chocolate can be for grown-ups too. There is a sophistication to a well made hot chocolate, complete with boiled milk and silky cacao. 

Today we’ve curated a list of exquisite hot chocolate recipes to satisfy your adult taste buds and your inner child. Perfect for curling up by a toasty fire after an outdoor adventure, these recipes are the perfect reward after a bout of fresh air.

📸: How Sweet Eats

Matcha White Hot Chocolate

If you love the taste of hot chocolate but are looking for a healthier alternative, add a spot of matcha into your mix to give it a boost of antioxidants. We are personal fans of this Matcha Honey Hot Chocolate recipe (with toasted marshmallows!) from How Sweet Eats.

📸: Ambitious Kitchen

Vegan Mexican Hot Chocolate

Looking to spice things up? Go no further than this incredible Mexican Hot Chocolate recipe from Ambitious Kitchen. All the ingredients used are vegan as well so it will satisfy any palate. We especially love the kick from adding a little bit of cayenne pepper to really bring this hot chocolate into the big leagues.

📸: The Sweetest Occasion

French Hot Chocolate

Your tastebuds will be thanking you once they have a sip of this le chocolat chaud recipe from The Sweetest Occasion. Decadent dark chocolate combined with simmering whole milk + heavy cream to create that perfect hot chocolate mixture. The French just know how to do it right!

📸: Freut Cake

Lavender Hot Chocolate

We love a unique twist on an old classic, and this Lavender Hot Chocolate recipe from Freut Cake will delight you while adding just that light touch of comfort. Steep some lavender and combine with your favourite hot chocolate mix for a soothing nightcap.

📸: Pick Up Limes

Chai Hot Chocolate

A sweet and spicy combination of flavours make this Chai Hot Chocolate a must-try on a chilly day. Pick Up Limes has created a decadent recipe brimming with fresh spices to add in that extra flavour that makes this a drink that you can add a little spiced rum to for those late evening catch-up sessions. For a little extra oomph, top with their Coconut Whip recipe and a sprinkle of cinnamon. 

If you need a vessel to support your hot chocolate lovin’ habit, our Coffee Cups are perfect for quick catch-ups, or switch to our Big Mugs for extreme chocolate lovers. For more curated content and recipes to tantalize your tastebuds, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media.

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