The Art of Warming Up: 5 Soup Recipes from Around the World

The Art of Warming Up: 5 Soup Recipes from Around the World

Here at Lineage, if there’s something we can all agree on it’s that soup is one of those special meals that brings the most nostalgia to our hearts. Many of our childhood memories are surrounded by a piping hot bowl of Grandma’s specialty, or chicken noodle soup lovingly prepared by Mom when we’re feeling a little under the weather. It's the best comfort food on a chilly winter day to warm us up and help us settle in for the evening. No matter where you are in the world, soup is one of those universal foods that transcends borders with its nostalgic appeal. 

We’ve gathered an assortment of recipes from around the globe to entice your taste buds and warm your soul during these last few winter months. We hope you slurp up and enjoy!

Chinese Hot and Sour Soup

Bowl and hot and sour soup

(Via Made with Lau)

Hot and Sour soup is a popular choice on any menu at Chinese dining spots, with its tangy taste and soothing broth. The overwhelming wistfulness every time we sample a steaming hot bowl of Hot and Sour soup gives us a yearning for a moment in time, long ago. Enjoy this authentic Hot and Sour Soup recipe from Made with Lau to invoke a whirlwind of memories and joy into your meal.

Italian Wedding Soup

Bowl of Italian Wedding Soup

Even though the name suggests it, Italian Wedding Soup is not often served during wedding receptions. Instead, the name comes from the unique marriage of flavours, jointly combined to create a scintillating serving of soup enjoyed all over the world. The meatballs add robustness to the broth, meaning this versatile soup can be enjoyed as a starter or entree, depending on your appetite. 

This scrumptious Italian Wedding Soup recipe from The Kitchen Whisperer is sure to warm up your soul.

Acuadorian Locro De Papa

Bowl of soup

Locro de Papa is a cheesy Ecuadorian potato soup, usually topped with several garnishes, from avocado to feta to cilantro. The soup is appetizingly seasoned with a local spice called Annatto, which can usually be found at your local international spice shop. Derived from the anichote tree, annatto has an earthy, peppery taste with a hint of sweetness. Annatto spice is essential to Locro de Papa, infusing flavour in every single bite. Curious Cuisiniere totally nails this Locro de Papa Soup recipe, and we may have found our new go to comfort soup to curl up with during the next winter storm.

American New England Clam Chowder

Bowl of clam chowder soup

The creamy goodness of a New England Clam Chowder is central to many Americans palates, especially on the east coast. It’s an art to perfect a rich and satisfying clam chowder, and we know this recipe from Serious Eats is always guaranteed to hit the mark. 

Top with some oyster crackers to add texture and you’re ready to enjoy a hearty bowl of New England Clam Chowder.

Vietnamese Pho

Bowl of pho

It wouldn’t be a Lineage soup round-up without a pho recipe gracing the list. While there are so many variations of this popular Vietnamese soup, we are fans of a simple, homemade broth artfully seasoned with aromatic spices. We’ve found a favoured recipe in this Homemade Pho from Inspired Taste, which will have you sourcing beef knuckles and bones from your local Asian market to truly replicate the flavours of your go-to take-out restaurant.

Although the process may take longer to simmer beef bones rather than using a beef broth from the store, we promise the results are worth it. Make sure to make a double batch and store for later, even though this is one recipe that won’t be sitting in the freezer long.


There are millions of soup recipes out there, and we hope you can find the right one to nourish your soul during these cold winter months. Every soup deserves the perfect vessel so you can savour every last spoonful, and Lineage has you covered. From our Salad Bowls to our curved Cereal Bowls and of course the 56 oz Ramen Bowl for the soup to entree you’ve been dreaming up. 

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