Lineage Around the World: Celebrate Rio Carnival

Lineage Around the World: Celebrate Rio Carnival

Typically celebrated 5 days before Ash Wednesday, Carnival is a world-renowned celebration in Brazil. Bright lights, colourful costumes and extravagant parades all fill the city of Rio as an ode to the beginning of Lent.

This year, due to the pandemic and the omicron wave, the festivities were post-poned, however, Carnival is now in full swing and the festivities are underway.
No decent celebration occurs without copious amounts of food, and Carnival is no exception. 

Today we’ve gathered a smattering of recipes known and loved at Rio Carnival to bring a Brazilian flair into your home. Perhaps you give these a try while streaming one of the many parades or festivities, or indulge in a festa of your own with those nearest to you with one of these dishes at the forefront.

Bowl of black beans and meat


Feijoada is one of Brazil’s most beloved dishes for a reason - black beans simmered together with pork and beef creates a scintillating dish that is savoury and rich. We hope this deliciously authentic Feijoada recipe from Olivia’s Cuisine tingles your tastebuds.

Small cheese buns on a plate

Pão de queijo

Pão de queijo is sold in restaurants, street vendors & bakeries all over Brazil and enjoyed by millions each year. A cheesy bread that is a culinary staple, you’ll be sure to not have a crumb left over after trying this pão de queijo recipe from Brazilian Kitchen Abroad.

Barbeque steak pieces on a kebab


Street food is king at Rio Carnival as party-goers spill into the streets to sample tasty barbeque from vendors all across the city. One such delicacy is Picanha, a Brazilian barbecued steak. Prepare your protein for your Carnival party with this delicious recipe from Amigo Foods on how to authentically cook Brazilian Picanha

Deep fried appetizers on a plate


A sinfully pleasing appetizer, pastel’s are a delicious combination of dough and filling, deep fried to perfection. You can alter the filling to your liking, whether it be sweet or savory. Try this delicious recipe from Curious Cuisiniere to bring your Carnival Cocktail hour to the next level.

Small chocolate balls with chocolate sprinkles


This chewy truffle is the most delectable end to any meal, its chocolatey interior offering up the most incredible flavor to satisfy your sweet tooth. You won’t be able to resist these bon bons - we dare you to eat just one. Give this addictive treat a try with this simple and easy recipe for brigadeiros from Laylita.


While celebrating Carnival this week we hope you have some time to enjoy one of the recipes above and create your own food memories. Or perhaps we’ve inspired you to book a spot at a local Brazilian eatery - however you choose we know you will celebrate in style.

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