The Heritage of Lineage: A Father’s Bond

The Heritage of Lineage: A Father’s Bond

Lineage Founder, Shuobi Wu grew up surrounded by ceramics in Teoswa. Both his father and grandfather were talented ceramic artists and their studio is where Wu spent much of his childhood - learning the craft, the patience and the intricacies of being a ceramist. 


Today, Lineage Ceramics is based in Vancouver, Canada, but still supports Wu’s father’s studio in Teoswa. Bringing the brand to life was a dream only possible with the love and devotion of a father and son working together to create ceramics that can withstand time. 

Much like the art of crafting ceramics, Lineage tableware is meant to be passed down through generations and frame your meals with the plates and bowls lovingly handcrafted by our family to yours.

In honour of Father’s Day, we are delighted to share the origin story of Lineage Ceramics, in the words of our Founder, Shuobi Wu. 

“I've been away from home since I was 12 years old. I went to boarding school in a different city, college in a different country and now I work in yet another country. I came to Vancouver about 4 years ago and, quite luckily, made a lot of great friends. Once I settled in here, I started thinking more about what family means to me - Lineage came to my mind in an instant. 

I talked to my friends who work and own businesses in their own creative industries and they encouraged me to take the leap and become a business owner. So I booked a flight and went home to talk to my parents. 

The thing is, I grew up watching my father make ceramics in his studio, but when my brother and I were young, he always specifically encouraged us against the ceramics industry saying that it was a “tough business.” 

However, when I presented him with the business opportunity of “Lineage” I could instantly see his eyes glowing. We went back to his studio the next day, to look at the ceramics and work together on glazing and firing some of his work. These pieces became some of the original collection that are Lineage staples today. 

While we were there, alone, he started to tell me all these stories about how my great grand uncle immigrated to Hong Kong and started the family's first ceramics business around the ‘20s. Eventually, the ceramic ‘lineage’ was passed down to my grand uncle, his brothers, then grandpa, and now my father and I. I had never heard any of these stories before and at that moment I realized that ‘Lineage’ was what I was meant to pursue.”

— Shuobi Wu, Lineage Ceramics Founder

Lineage Ceramics believes in the art of simplicity and bringing people together. It is our hope that each meal lovingly plated on our tableware brings fond memories and connection that we lose in our fast-paced world. We are lovers of a slow meal with big laughs, intimate dinner parties, and large gatherings. Our ceramics offer a versatility that transcends generations and occasions.

Shop our full collection today to bring matte glazes and neutral shapes to your table that offer a divine canvas for any cuisine you desire.


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