A Lineage Guide to the Art of Charceuterie

A Lineage Guide to the Art of Charceuterie

The art of the charcuterie board lies within the details; finding the perfect Fromage, selecting a delicate smoked artisan meat, and accenting the board with a symmetry of sweet and savoury touches to bring all the delicious flavours to the forefront. Add in arranging all the elements with intentional precision, and you have a perfect summer shareable.   

Come along with us as we discover the essential components of a charcuterie board and master the technique of the presentation.

Cheese board


Arguably the most important element of your charcuterie board will be the delightful variety of cheeses you select to snack on. There is an astounding amount of choices, and we recommend selecting a variety of hard and soft cheeses to please all the palates. Warm brie drizzled in honey, cubes of cheddar, slices of swiss, a decadent gouda - the possibilities are endless!   

Meat Board


Cured, smoked meats add elegance and saltiness to the board, and pair impeccably well with most of the cheeses that you can select. Some flavourful options include a thinly sliced prosciutto, smoked salmon, summer sausage or a dry salami such as Soppressata.

Be creative with how you display the meat, folding it into a rose, fan the salami out like a deck of cards, and fold your prosciutto out like a ribbon. This will add to the dexterity and texture of your board, creating a scrumptious sight when placed in front of your guests!



Add some texture to the board with a plethora of crunchy carbs to spread the soft cheese and offset the sweetness of the fruit. Include different flavourings, such as pita chips, rosemary flavoured thin crisps, sea salt crackers. You can even slice up a baguette and place next to the board for even more variety.


Sweet charcuterie board


Adding sweet elements to your board will provide a delicious contrast to the saltiness of the meat + cheese that will have your guests reaching for more. Fruit is an excellent choice as it will often add a pop of colour to bring out the vibrancy of your masterpiece. Apples, pears, strawberries and of course, grapes are wonderful accents to a charcuterie board. 

A dollop of marmalade or sweet jam is the perfect complement to the top of a brie-spread cracker. Be creative and find things that your sweet tooth fancies - small pieces of dark chocolate spread throughout the platter will provide your guests with the sweet delicacy they crave after sampling the meats, cheeses and crackers.

Bread and Cheese


Sprinkle some savoury components throughout the charcuterie board to augment the flavour of the cheeses you have chosen. Briny details such as olives, baby dill pickles or cornichons bring their tart flavour in, while almonds, pistachios and pecans offer a salty crunch to the board.

A small spread of old style ground mustard offers a piquante zing that pushes your charcuterie to the next level.

Full Charcuterie Board


Once you’ve gathered all your charcuterie essentials, it’s time to begin plating. Many charcuterie artists prefer a wooden cutting board to display their creations. However, we prefer the simplicity of our round 11.5” Party Plate. The simple design with the raw edge will let your newfound prowess shine, while providing a sturdy backdrop for all the delicious pieces you will artfully arrange. If you’re not quite into sharing, grab a set of four of our Side Plates and create individual-sized platters for your guests for a grown-up lunchable feel. 

When arranging, begin by placing the cheese first, then fan and fold the meat. Finally, add in the accompaniments and crackers wherever there is room, spacing all the elements out equally, then fill in the gaps with fresh herbs such as rosemary to add a posh feel to the plate.

While there is a certain je ne sais quoi to creating the perfect charcuterie board, it is easily done by following your taste buds. Choose your favourite meats, cheeses, crackers, and garnishes and you won’t be disappointed.

We love the notion of creating art with food, and the simple act of eating food intentionally with those we love most. For more guides and insight into the Lineage line, join us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter.

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