Lineage Guide to New Holiday Traditions

Lineage Guide to New Holiday Traditions

Here at Lineage, we think of the holidays as a time for us to create memories and reminisce fondly on years past. While we love to bask in nostalgia, we are invigorated by the creation of new traditions. And in a time where so many things are not the way they once were, we relish in the idea of incorporating a new ritual into our holiday season.

Today we’ve gathered for you a list of unique ideas, with touches of traditions from all over the world, that you can use to begin your new roots and holiday memories. Whether you host a party every year to commemorate this new convention or have an intimate evening with those closest to you, we’re sure that starting a new tradition will quickly become one of your most coveted memories.

Snow Globes

Homemade snow globe supplies on table including jar and miniature tree

(📷: The Sweetest Occasion)

Snow Globes, with their brilliant effervescence, are fun to create and look dazzling as decor. We love this quick DIY Snow Globes tutorial from The Sweetest Occasion. Create a new snow globe every year with your family and build a village that grows with each holiday season.


Three pairs of wooden clogs with holly in them

Saint Nicholas Day is on December 6, and is majorly celebrated in the Netherlands. Dutch children and adults alike will place their wooden clogs filled with hay and carrots out for St Nicholas and his horse, to discover it filled with gifts the next morning. This year, purchase a pair of clogs and enjoy finding small mementos to fill them with. Saint Nicholas Day is also known as ‘feast day’. Take this time to explore the cuisines commonly enjoyed by so many who celebrate. Here are some recipes from St. Nicholas Center to get you started.

Christmas Gnomes

Two felt gnome ornaments in Christmas tree

(📷: Benzie Design)

Christmas Gnomes are most often seen in Scandinavian or Nordic countries, sprinkled through their decor, however have been making quite the splash in North America in the recent years. They are called tonttu in Finland, tomte in Sweden, nisse in Norway and Denmark, and associated with the winter solstice and the Christmas season. We love these cute Christmas Gnomes from Benzie Design that would be simple and fun to create at a Christmas crafting party.


Felt Christmas tree origami

(📷: Jo Nakashima)

Origami is famous in Japan, and you can bring the touch of simple paper folding into your home this holiday season. This easy tutorial from Jo Nakashima on how to create origami Christmas Trees is a perfect activity for young children. 

Gingerbread House

Young child holding gingerbread house on a plate

Decorating a gingerbread house is not a new holiday tradition, but we couldn’t resist adding it to the list. The spice of ginger combined with the sweet royal icing makes our mouths water, and it wouldn’t be the holiday season without the scent of this delicious cookie wafting through our house. 

This year, host a gingerbread house decorating party among your friends. Step up your game by baking your own pieces, or support local and order a few gingerbread house kits from a local bakery, such as Swiss Bakery in Vancouver. Add in some hot apple cider and Christmas tunes, and you have a quiet, intimate evening creating new memories with those you love most. Our 10” Entree Plates are an ideal foundation to build your house upon. 

Cookie Exchange 

A plate full of Christmas gingerbread cookies

For those who may not be able to gather this holiday season, there are still many ways to incorporate a new ritual to spread joy. We suggest organizing a cookie exchange to acquire the connections that are so deeply desired during this season. Having a cookie swap can be done in person or easily adjusted to adhere to gathering restrictions in your area. We love this step-by-step guide on Hosting a Cookie Exchange from Real Simple


We hope this guide has inspired you to create your own new memories this holiday season. For more ideas on how to make this time of year special, follow us on social media and sign up for our newsletter.

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